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RULES FOR “BLOCKER” Host: please read to group

  1. Forget everybody’s name in the room even if you know them.
  2. Keep any Offensiveness out.Pretend your at a bar or a party. Remember those days?
  • Shuffle both decks of cards. Each player gets equal numbers of  “Block” (Gettin to know ya Line) cards face down In front of them. Do not read them.
  • Each player also gets equal numbers of ”Counter Block” (Rejection) cards face down in front of them. Do not read them.
  • There will be 2 Blocks, and 2 Counter Blocks on each card. You will be reading them off as your turn comes up. One at a time, top one first, the bottom one later.
  • The game will go something like this. It starts with the Host, going to the person to his left.
  • The Blocker or host says something like “Hi, I’m John/Jane, what’s your name, come here often?, (use your imagination) to the “counter blocker” to their immediate left. Next, the “counter blocker” responds with their own comeback line, WITHOUT the use of the “counter block”.The Blocker acknowledges, and responds with whatever they want to say, then picks up the first BLOCK card and reads the top part of the Block card on the back of the card. (Read only the top block first,and fast, without reading it to yourself.) After that,
  • The “counter blocker” then responds with whatever she or he wants to say, and then reads the top part of theCounter block”card (READ IT WITHOUT READING IT TO YOURSELF FIRST (the louder the better). The BLOCKER then says something creative back to the counter blocker, and then The Blocker reads the second BLOCK at the bottom of the card. The “counter blocker” then gets to reply again to the BLOCKER for the 2nd and last time, with whatever comes out of there head, then picks up, and reads the second, and bottom “counter block” to the BLOCKER. That’s it. Go slow, pretend you’re in a social situation and this is for real. Get your best rap going. What happens in between the cards is the best stuff.
  • The “counter blocker” now becomes The Blocker, and the person to his left becomes the counter blocker. thats the direction the game goes. Clockwise.
  • The next time it comes around to the Host, he or she is introducing his or herself to the second person over to their left. The next time around the table the host is talking to the 3rd person to his or her left. Try and keep track. That’s the movement of the game.
  • There are no winners or losers in this game. Everybody is out to have a good time. People can walk away and somebody can sit in his or her spot.
  • Please help us push this game thru your favorite social media. Thank you for your support. Remember the chance to impact people’s lives is so much bigger than the game itself.
  • Please shut off your cell phones, and any other electronic device off for the game. If its possible.
  •  Have Fun.